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        Strengthen the construction of corporate culture, "little Green book" is coming!

        release time:2020-11-19 visitor

        Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible driving force for its sustainable development.

        Adhering to the core value of "focusing on quality, integrity and win-win", Henan Wujian Group has sorted out its corporate culture system from three top-level systems and six application systems respectively in order to strengthen its corporate culture construction.

        Build henan Wujian multi-scene brand culture application system with eight dimensions and octaves.

        To create a unique brand culture and give full play to its brand advantages, Wujian won the title of "Outstanding Unit of Enterprise Culture Construction for the 70th Anniversary of The People's Republic of China" in November 2019.

        As a reference book for the culture education and use of Wujian Enterprises in Henan Province, Little Green Book is not only the summary of the corporate culture of the group, but also the promotion of the new corporate culture concept.It is not only the summary of the construction of enterprise culture, but also the prospect of the future high-quality development of enterprise culture.

        The content includes: corporate profile, top-level corporate culture, corporate culture foundation content, new media matrix construction.

        Top corporate culture

        In line with the corporate culture of top-level design

        Is the soul of enterprise development

        Is the enterprise all activities should follow the guidelines

        It is the guiding ideology of enterprise development

        It is the important content of enterprise culture construction

        The top-level corporate culture of Henan Wujian includes the company's mission, vision, core values, corporate spirit and other important contents of corporate culture construction. It highlights the company's core values, clarifies the operation and management philosophy, and systematically explains the core culture, marketing and image identification system of Henan Wujian enterprise

        Marketing system

        Marketing system refers to a set of systematic publicity content system that we develop in the process of corporate culture construction, aiming at different levels, different positions and different demands, applicable to different scenes and serving for the construction of Brand image of Wujian.

        Slogan (brand slogan)

        I know my line

        I see I can

        Brand image system

        A good brand image is a powerful weapon for enterprises in market competition. The upgrading direction of the brand image of Henan Wujian Group is to modify the original symbols to achieve visual balance, and to add English symbols to make it have an international vision.At the same time, establish a complete standard of use, make the brand image more complete and standardized, enhance the brand value.

        Basic content of corporate culture

        In the basic content of corporate culture, we summarize the classic cases of corporate culture of the group company in the past two years, and promote the development of corporate culture through the implementation of corporate culture.

        Henan Wujian enterprise song "passing by you", sing our own song, dedication to labor Day!Salute to the workers!

        Wujian Internal journal wujian Room.A warm, soft, human magazine.Every paragraph of text has an attitude, every picture has a story!Here is wujian's temperature, wujian's attitude.

        Seventy years have witnessed the vicissitudes of China.Seventy years, family hard work, the motherland is growing, hundreds of millions of children for it proud.Henan wujian specially launched the special issue of "never forget your original intention and keep your mission in mind" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of National Day.

        In order to enrich Wujian's brand image and create its own IP, Wujian henan has specially created its own emoji "Little Five". In May 2020, "Little Five" emoji "Season 2" was officially launched!

        The 99th anniversary of the Founding of the Party!Henan Wujian Party construction "Little Red book" 2020 revised edition officially released!The party construction manual will be refined out of the little hong this concept, with a fresh, warm attitude, the party construction work summary to convey.

        Henan Wujian new promotional album "I say" will be online, about wujian's own story.

        New media matrix construction

        Grab the hot resources of "we media", establish their own information release platform, improve the release breadth of enterprise information, and diversify the release form of enterprise information.

        Enterprise official account

        The top-level concept of "degree" is extracted from the corporate culture concept, and the corporate culture release system with "degree" as the theme is sorted out.Through research, positioning, this will be refining the public's "degree" as the key words, will be in the public's column revision, and unified visual use scope, plan as a "heat" - corporate news, industry information, events, project follow-up, "dimension" - architectural aesthetics, construction master, WuJian humanities, the temperature, the daily weather, daily read poetry, WuJian life....And so on.

        Enterprise Douyin horn

        In November 2019, the group launched its official Douyin number and released a series of works such as Wujian twelve Hour.

        We media matrix system

        Expand the brand effect, further attract the audience, make use of different media channels, establish media content reaching users, improve the brand awareness of Wujian, promote the development of corporate culture.

        There is no such thing as riding the waves unprepared

        All the glitter and glory is the inevitable result of the accumulation

        No arrogance, no rashness, no fearlessness

        Take every step of the way

        All the cultivation will blossom in the future road

        Next, the company will be in all fields roots and thorough going efforts to promote the enterprise culture, make the staff really in ideological work, the target direction, in action, on the culture with the soul, let enterprise culture gradually become company business development inexhaustible, inexhaustible spiritual source, become the new engine of high quality enterprise development!

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